200 Club

What is the 200 Club?

The 200 Club was initially established to raise funds to renovate the Memorial Hall and protect the much-loved Community Sports Field. The aim was to raise £100 per week by asking each person in the 200 Club to pledge £1 for a number in the weekly draw. 

Over the past 12 years, we have raised enough funds to complete all major renovations to the Memorial Hall, to make it an inviting community space. This has included:

  • New welcome signage and doors at the front of the building.
  • A new bar area and upgraded kitchen facilities.
  • A new disabled toilet and refurbished main toilets.
  • Sound-poof doors within the hall.

What Have We Achieved?

Join The Club

There are still a few ‘200 Club’ numbers up for grabs. If you would like to join and be in with the chance to win each week, please contact Lyn Welding 07976608181.

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Weekly Prize Draw Results

The winners on 07/09/2021

1st prize (£60)    Mr & Mrs Land  of Station Road with No 88

     2nd Prize (£40) John Nestor  of Argyll St. Ryde IoW with No 77

The next draw takes Place on Tuesday  14/09/21 in Polesworth Library

200 Club Winners List

The winners on 07/09/2021 1st prize (£60)    Mr & Mrs Land  of Station Road with No 88      2nd Prize (£40) John Nestor  of Argyll St. Ryde IoW with No 77 31 Aug 21 183 Joan Allton The Homestead Newton Regis £60 129 Julie Jukes of Greenway £40 The winners on 24/09/2021 1st prize (£60) Irene Jeffs c/o 23 Pooley View with No 64 2nd Prize (£40)Jane Bailey of Goodere Drive with No 70 The winners 10 Aug : Mr & Mrs Simpson Cassamia Station Road with no 52 2nd prize Tony & Jean Mellors of The Gables with No 29 The winners on rd3 Aug : with 118 Emma Stanley of Goodere Drive £60 2nd prize with no 177 Margaret Crockford 15 Rickyard Close £40 The winners on 13/07/2021 1st prize (£60)       Sue Owen  c/o  Pooley View with No 122 2nd Prize (£40)   Mick Davies   of Pooley View with No 146 08/06/2021 1st prize (£60)    Graham Donovan  of Pooley View with No 82 2nd Prize (£40)  Paul Byrne  of Byford  Drive with No 119 1st June 44 Sara Finlay 25 The Lynch £60 89 Alan Wapples 72 Common Lane The winners on 25/05/2021 1st prize (£60)     Brian Fitzpatrick  of Goodere Drive wih No 50 2nd Prize (£40)   Chris Baines  of  Warton with No 123 The winners on 18/05/2021 1st prize (£60)     Chris Avard   of Greenwich with No 49 2nd Prize (£40)   A &  P Phillips  of Pooley View with No 84 The winners on 04/05/2021 1st prize (£60)    Y and M Stanley  of Goodere Drive with N0 16 2nd Prize (£40)  Karen  Dordon Rd with No 79 The winners on 13/04/2021 1st prize (£60)     Margaret Bostock    Conifers, Station Road  with N012 2nd Prize (£40)  Catherine Allan  c/o 5 Ankerside with No 112 The next draw takes Place on Tuesday  20/4/21 in Polesworth Library The winners on 23/03/2021 1st prize (£60) Adrian Smith of Rickyard Close  with No 182 2nd Prize (£40) John Hipkiss  of Station Road  with No 31 The winners on 16/03/2021 1st prize (£60) Fiona Barker    of Ankerside with No 115 2nd Prize (£40) Gose to  Jackie Keogh  of  St. Leonards View with No 173 The winners on 09/03/2021 1st prize (£60) Tracy Martin  of  Pooley View  with No 137 2nd Prize (£40) Gose to Nancy Mason  of Grendon Road with No 101 The winners on 02/03/2021 1st prize (£60) Anne  Chapman   of Princes Road with No 164 2nd Prize (£40) Gose to Des + Elaine  Blewitt  of Pooley View with No 55 The winners on 23/02/2021 1st prize (£60) Gose to Carole Nash  of Pooley View with No 97 2nd Prize (£40) Gose to C & G  Butler  of Rowland Avenue with No 48 1st prize (£60) Gose to  Mick Everitt  of Pooley View  with No 58 2nd Prize (£40) Gose to Julie Jukes  of Greenway with No 129 09/02/2021 1st prize (£60)    B. Tebbut  of Bear Lane Close  with No 67 .2nd prize of £40 J. Bailey 21 Goodere Drive with No 70 . 02/02/21 1st prize of £60 Goes to Barry Brooks 2of Bear Lane Close with No 20 2nd Prize of £40 Goes to184 Bob & Jill Winstanley of Rowland Ave with No 184 . . 26/01/2021 1st prize (£60)   Margaret Henley   of Elizabeth Avenue with No 56 2nd Prize (£40)  M & F Barker  of  Ankerside with No 125 19/1/211st prize (£60)   Marion Mason   of Goodere Drive  with No 145 2nd Prize (£40) Jean Jones  of Grendon Road with No 102 12/1/21 £60 Sheila Probyn of Goodere Drive with no 180 Geoff Chadwick of Pooley View with No 154 5/1/21 first prize P & S Evans of Fairfield Hill with No 109 Mrs Dawkins of Bear Lane Close with No 35